About Us

Haven Mia Bella is a nonprofit created by Dancing Creek Farm. Please continue reading about us and

why this nonprofit is so important to us. 

Our Story

Tamara Belotti & Mia Bella Fricano
Tamara Belotti & Mia Bella Fricano
In 2005 I purchased the farm and built Dancing Creek Farm, a long term dog boarding facility specializing in discounted boarding for military deployed. That business venture has been successful in creating a profitable business model that helps families from all over the world. 
Over the years we’ve expanded with the ability to board up to 80 dogs in a unique style of boarding set of for long term enrichment. However even with the discounts we provide we turn away many families who can’t afford discounted boarding.
My dream is to keep pets out of rescues and shelters. That no family, no matter how difficult the transition, has to give up their beloved pets. To provide emergency housing for families and pets. To assist elderly, military, homeless, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and victims of domestic  abuse. Not just housing but services that can assist them with these transitions. 
I named this nonprofit after my granddaughter Mia Bella because she is the most important person in my life.  Families and pets are important to me.
To build a better world for all pets and families. 
Tamara Burton Belotti

Our Mission


To provide solutions to help all families and their pets through a difficult life transition;


  • Military Deployment
  • Major Medical
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sudden Homelessness
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation 
  • Senior Pet Program
  • Emergency Pet Boarding & Fostering

Your donations make it possible for us to build the largest network of its kind. We work with existing agencies to assist families and pets in need. Creating programs to help families keep their pets. To keep pets out of the rescue and shelter systems.