All Pets Are Family

We are a different kind of nonprofit. 

Our core mission is to keep beloved pets out of shelters and rescues. To work carefully with existing organizations to provide emergency housing and services for families with pets. To insure that no family is forced to surrender a pet during a difficult life transition. 

Life Can Be Uncertain

So many reasons....


In an instant your life can change. You lose your job, your home, family member or any other circumstances beyond your control. 

  • Major Medical
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Military Deployment
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation 
  • Loss in Senior Benefits

Your pets are your lifeline and for them you are everything. Although you'd like to think "I'll do whatever it takes to keep my pet."  it might not be possible. Our core mission is to keep families and pets together.


Military Deployment

When well-intended friends or family are unable to care for pets of soldiers. Although Dancing Creek Farm provides discounts for long term boarding some families are unprepared for the cost. Haven Mia Bella helps defray this cost. 

Difficult Transitions

Unexpected major medical for seniors & their pets often leaves them homeless. Thousands of pets are surrendered or euthanized because families can't afford major medical. Pets are so very important for our senior citizens. 

Domestic Abuse

Many humans stay in abusive relationships because they don't want to leave beloved pets behind. Not all shelters are able to accept accept pets. Families are often torn apart making healing more difficult. Often pets are surrendered or even killed by abusers.

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